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by SDreamExplorerS

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Compilation of cover songs (old remastered and some new) written by different metal bands and brony-musicians.

Artwork by BadDay:


released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


SDreamExplorerS Belarus

Hi, everypony, my name is Soul Strings, I'm grey unicorn with colorful dreams.

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Track Name: Perpetual Dawn (Gates Of Ishtar)
Time has taken it's toll
Years passed by like a storm
Cold, burning inside, I'm not the same
I've changed my ways

Dawn hunting my dreams
Fear, silent I scream
Pain growing inside, I'm not the same
I've found my way

Nothing is the same anymore
The times have changed, I feel so cold

Hate is ripping my guts
Light is blinding my eyes
Fools, spare me your lies, my ears are def
My mind is black

God - where is your god?
Pain - there's my god
Death - come for me now, end my pain
Show me the way

Everytime, everywhere
Everdawn, everfear
Nothing more, nothing less
All is done, all is said
Track Name: Marionette (Black Electric)
Taste the whispering voices as you pass,
smothering your heart of broken glass.
They tear open that ever growing void,
all the while you pretend you're overjoyed.

Remember these words and never forget
unless you enjoy being a marionette
Darker the shadow, brighter the light.
For evil lurks in the day not in the night

Cold and lifeless shiny eyes
Bloody stripes across your skin
The blackened mirror tells the truth:
You're just a clown on the string

Hypnotic eyes and serpent's voice
Your puppet moves on little scene
I am the light, I am the crowd
I am so pure and so obscene

(and let there my show begin!)

I hear you crying tonight
There is no will, there's only one guiding light
(and you will obey my might)
You hear my voice in your head
You'll spent your life as my own marionette
(and soon you'll regret you're not dead)

Bend a hoof and turn your head
Crush the bone and tear your skin
You're not a pony anymore
You are my slave, my own machine

So silly and so pitiful
Your tap dance under my control
My living theatre of your dream
Scenario for your last role

(and let there be rock'n'roll!)

Blood and flesh, (do what I say)
Hooks and strings, (feel what I feel)
Porcelain face, (see what I see)
Free from your mind, (isn't it real)

Obey my command!
Track Name: Silhouettes Of A Broken World (Sworn)
A silent mist over screaming waters
Darkens the sun and covers all life
In this sphere I am trapped
And shall be forever plagued

Nine steps to a landscape of malice
Two shadows that can't be perceived
Four elements hidden in darkness
One pain that I require to feel

My soul has been shattered
And my spirit has long past
This realm of stars in black
Shall crush me into dust

I must hear my own shriek
I must watch it all
As this damned emptiness
Tears it all apart

Voices whisper ancient terms
That I could not speak by
It is I, who cries in desolation
It is I, who needs to die

For I have attained the wisdom
And understanding of my fathers
The price I pay is salvation
Though their names shall be death

As my shape shifts
To the next continuation
The eyes of my fathers
Are upon me like before

They see what I have done
And lets me further know
That I now must proclaim
My renunciation of this presence

Silhouettes of a broken world
Whom I can never break free
This is what made me ravenous
It has pulled the life out of me
Track Name: Pegasus Device (Br0racle)
Activate the gears of creation
The maw of fruition roars to life
Imperative we cleanse the infestation
Cull the unworthy by the knife

Cloudsdale will burn
Before your kind will live among us
Disgraceful failure
Honor of the flock be preserved
Pegasus device

A task forged in the fires of authority
The method to obtain spectra for eternity
Beneath the gaze of my approving eyes
The blood of the weak will suffice

Cognitive dissonance motivated
By an understanding of the facts
The world tears at the seams
Thrust into a grotesque reality

I am compelled by doctrine
For the glory of the pegasus race
I never would have imagined
That I should ever see your face

You have failed me
You are dead to me
You have failed me
You are dead

I have created you and I will destroy you
My hatred will move mountains to find you
Miserable waste of life
Prepare yourself
I'll laugh as I watch you die
Track Name: Dreamsong (Ceremonial Oath)
Light, within us
Dark, without you I'm lost
Forever, the wounds you cause
will never ever heal

Your face is in my mind
etched there by my feelings
which I cannot deny

Enough, I had too much
of your games
our days are drawing close
Emotions, I have one
hate I have to feel

It all sounds so strange
Never ever will I see you again

Take me to another place
A journey far beyound
Can't you see that you and me
our bonds will never break

Come take my hand
Never let go
I have too much to say
Walk with me over the edge
Still never looking back
Track Name: A Contrived Sporadic (ShinZm)
So, let me explain some things about magic spells. You see, common unicorn spells can be strong. Really strong. I know many very talented unicorns who can, like, create a magic shield so powerful it can protect you from an explosion. Or they can cast a spell to control somepony's mind. Or even create a fully functional clone of themselves. But the alicorn magic is... different. It's stronger, awful much stronger than that. The alicorn can raise the shield to protect the whole city or cast a spell to control everypony in town. Or create an army of clones. Many unicorns have studied magic for years and some of them are very successful in it, but what if one of the most talented unicorns of all times suddenly becomes an alicorn? What can it do, what can it really do?

Thousands of years spent in immortality
Elusive scent of equine morality
Why do I exist in this beautiful place
Which is falling apart in abysmal embrace

I'm laughing no more and I don't feel kind
I'm telling the truth and I'm losing my mind
I'm loyal to myself and generous too
But it's all your fault and I'm blaming you

Scientific way to explain the suffering from eternal life

I'll cast a spell, I'll build anew
This dying world for me and you
I know I can create a dream
From my memories and blood and tears

Exquisite creation comes to these lands
Bringing light and salvation to those who demand
The life and the day, the harmony peace
I thought it will never end like this

You knew all the time that I'll be there for you
But now when you're gone there's nothing left to do
You said that you love me, you gave me these wings
Obscuring the meaning of immortal things

Now I'm struggling
With my feelings
I need to be strong

To bring order
To build future
World where I belong

All ponies are mortal. Earth ponies, unicorns, pegasi, they will all die one day. They will all turn to dust. It's the curse of mortality. But the alicorns are free from that curse. They are immortal. Eternal. They can live thousands and thousands of years without even thinking of death at all. How can they live knowing that one day everypony they love will die? How can they live knowing that one day the world they know will no longer exist? What are the options for them? They can do... anything. They can destroy a life but they can also create a life. Or even the world populated by new species. That's the power only alicorns can have. For us - mortal ponies - they are... Like... Gods?

Scientific way to explain the suffering from eternal life
Powerful spells to create another universe

Extinction of ponykind
Desolation of world we know and love
It's time for me to go
Are you coming too?..

Princess Twilight Sparkle. The pure knowledge and the pure magic inside. The wisdom of our kind.
Track Name: Death In Fire (Amon Amarth)
The wait is soon at end
Always charge never bend
Morning is here, make your stand
Live for honor, glory, death in fire!

Total war is here
Face it without fear
Age of sword, age of spear
Fight for honor, glory, death in fire!

See the fire rise
Flames are raging high
Soon all will burn and die
Burn for honor, glory, death in fire!

Storm of lethal flames
Only death remains
Ragnarok is closing in
Die for honor, glory, death in fire!

Forces of chaos are on the move
Everyone, choose your side
And know the end is coming soon
The day for all to die

The day is here when Bifrost breaks
Nor sun or moon will rise
When the dead rise from their graves
and Surtur spreads his fire

All you know will wither away
And sink into the sea
A new world will be born one day
Where everyone is free

Total war is here, face it without fear
Age of sword, age of spear
Fight for honor, glory, death in fire!

Storm of lethal flames
Only death remains - Ragnarok is our fate
Die for honor, die for glory
Die, death in fire!
Track Name: Legend Of The Everfree (Br0racle)

Dark forest is awakened from a thousand years of sleep
Old fairy tales rise from the past erasing your beliefs
You've come to find the answers - found your point of no return
Where timberwolves are howling and their yellow eyes burn

There is no sun in the skies
Dark clouds are everything you see
Above you and the smell of rotten trees
Fills the air

Left alone and turned to stone
Immobilized by evil eyes
Forever captured in this prison
In the heart of everfree

It's time to meet your nightmare
deep in the darkest forest

No one survives the night
Nopony will escape from the forest of nightmares
You'll never see the light
When darkness comes alive and swallows your smiles and tears

No one survives the night
Nopony will escape from the forest of nightmares
Evil will show its might
To those who come inside into everfree

Those who come in, never come out
Trees choke their pleas and their moans so loud
And no one hears their whispers inside

Please, let me breath, please, set me free
Please, let me live, please, let me go
Track Name: Weeping Twilight (In Thy Dreams)
Silent screams from the world beyond
Hear the cries from souls in torment
Shadows from past time reminds me
Of what I’ve become, lost in damnation

With my demon voice I call thy name

Eyes burning with hate
I kneel before thee
As the nocturnal spell takes me away
The shadows mourn my death
When I see the world beyond in sight

Slaughtered angels draped in shades
Leaves for an even greater void
Of weeping twilight

As I worship thy blackened soul
Of ancient wrath
Track Name: Life In Our Town (Rossiboys)
I can feel a gaze loom unto me
Makes me wonder whether I'm really free
I don't remember what my life used to be
Before I gave it all away for lies and forced equality

Some people tell me that ignorance is bliss
I tend to agree, longing for the life I miss
'Cuz when I found the truth it was so hard to take
It was then that I realised I had made a big mistake

Looks like my life is done
I guess I had my fun
My smile turned to a frown
I, I guess thats life in our town

I can't dissent or else I'm locked in that room
Where speakers blare their propaganda to groom
My mind can't take it and I'm starting to break down
But I know that I'll be back in here if I begin to frown

It's hard to be my best if the opposite is true
My life was stripped away, there was nothing I could do
Now I'm a fragment of the soul I used to be
Waiting for the day that we are all set free
Track Name: Kings Of A Cloned Generation (Arise)
-Dad, I want you to make me one.
I'm feeling restless and bored.
-Sure son, I'll give you a private whore,
but don't come asking for more.

Designed perfection to suit all demands,
bred by my hands to obey my commands.

Inherit the throne, king of a cloned generation,
let's inherit our throne, kings of a human creation.

Can you make me another one,
I'm already tired of the first one.
Let me have my own kingdom of slaves,
to be the puppeteer who pulls the strings.

Pain... built in our DNA.

I will stand among the gods,
what has been made can easily be unmade.

I inherit the throne, king of a cloned generation,
let's inherit our throne, kings of a human creation.
Track Name: Sombra's Door (AwkwardMarina)
I see me behind the door, don't know what it is for
(Celestia, don't leave me)
Think my dreams have gone away, don't know just what to say
(King Sombra, don't deceive me)
I have tried as best I can, and I don't understand
(Celestia don't leave me)
Your voice told me I should go and that is all I know
(King Sombra, don't deceive me)

My worst nightmare right in front of my eyes
And who knew that it was all a disguise
Somebody tell me this is a dream
A door to a world I never have seen

Losing faith with every stair I climb, I'm unaware
(Celestia don't leave me)
Can't help thinking that was real and not just how I feel
(King Sombra, don't deceive me)
I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't matter
But it's too late for me to stay, I better save the day
(King Sombra, you will shatter!)

My worst nightmare right in front of my eyes
And who knew that it was all a disguise
Somebody tell me this is a dream
A door to a world I never have seen

Somepony tell me this is a fake
And I am afraid that I'll never awake