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Curse of Atlantis Pegasus

from by SDreamExplorerS

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This is a story about a group of explorers who searched for an ancient pegasus city - Atlantis. Their goal was not only to find the city, but also to learn its history and causes of extinction. And one day they finally found Atlantis on the ocean floor. There was a magic shield covering the city and protecting it from the water, so it was a great surprise for our explorers to figure out, that all citizens are still alive! Ancient pegasus race still exists! The ruler of Atlantis invited our explorers to the city. The group split-up: the leader of explorers stayed with the ruler to learn the history of the city, and the rest of the group decided to take some rest...

And the ruler told the story: "Atlantis was a glorious city drifting in the skies of Equestria many centuries ago. But one day the mysterious evil cursed the whole city with its ponies. Since then the city began to go down to the water. Slowly, day by day Atlantis was descending, until one day the waters of the ocean covered it forever..."

Suddenly our explorers noticed that citizens look strange... Like they were posessed by something or someone. They didn't look friendly anymore, scaring the guests. In few minutes all citizens surrounded them and suddenly attacked!..

The leader heard their screams in fear. Ruler of the city darkly smiled and said: "Nopony can leave the city. We all look young, but we're more than thousand years old! We simply cannot die, because we are cursed. And everypony who come in will never come out alive... You all will join us..."

The leader ran through the rulers palace, through the streets... He ran screaming in fear until he reached the magic shield. Somehow he went through the barrier into the water and then swam to the surface. But second by second he was getting weaker and weaker... As his eyes closed, his body stopped to move and his heart was no longer beating...

...He opened his eyes, finding himself in the city again, surrounded by cursed citizens with wicked eyes. Then he saw horrified among them... other explorers, his friends. And then the ruler of Atlantis said to him: "Now you are one of us..."


from Erasing the Enigma, released June 1, 2017
Lead guitar by Romanovsky Dmitry


tags: metal Belarus


all rights reserved


SDreamExplorerS Belarus

Hi, everypony, my name is Soul Strings, I'm grey unicorn with colorful dreams.

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